Labim's Bazaar - Vendor Information


Labim's Bazaar is the newest, most eclectic weekly market in the Kathmandu valley.
We are now open for stalls application for:

  • Local Produce
  • Local Produced food Local
  • Local Craft
  • Local Art
  • Thrift

It offers a showcase of local organic food and fresh products to a wide range of very demanding local and international guests. We seek quality vendors that will abide by a strict code of conduct and provide our guests with the greatest experience at and after the market. Te quality, a vendor must:

  • Go through the entire registration and quality assessment process which may inchade an onsite visit if required.
  • Be solely responsible for the organic and sustainability practices of all products sold Table sharing is not allowed.
  • Direct source (not a reseller), Organic (as per international standards).
  • Respect the market code of conduct, as described in a contract to be signed upon vender approval. Failure to follow the prescribed practices could result in removal from the market.
  • Be regular and punctual.(set-up EVERY Saturday by 10 am and take down at 4 pm unless sold-out)
  • Willing to pay RS 800 per WEEK per table. Fees to be paid MONTHLY and IN ADVANCE OF SET-UP at the first market of the month

Rules for Vendors

Approved Vendors

  • Vendors interested in the farmer market must have, at a minimum, a brand, a WhatsApp number, an English-speaking contact person, and an email address.
  • To be part of the Labim's Bazaar, all vendors must go through the registration and qualification process described on the "become-a-vendor" page of the website. After the registration fee is received, the application will be reviewed. Only approved vendors are part of the community.
  • At the direction of the director, vendor qualification might require additional information, product sampling or even on-site visit. The director can also request any vendor to re-submit the qualification questionnaire at any time, but not more than once every 9 months.


Online Presence

  • Vendors who have a website will be linked from the Market's website. Vendors can choose the logo and short description listed.
  • If the vendor does not have a website but have a Facebook page, it will he linked for the Market's website. If a Vendor har neither, it will not be listed on the website.
  • If the Vendor has an Instagram account, it should be linked from its own website and/or Facebook page. It will not be linked from the Market's website. However the official Market's Instagram


Table Assignment and Commitment

  • Each work, tables are assigned at the discretion of the Market Administrator but only to approved vendors. Each vendor gets u shaded stall. Location will be decided based on product offering and space/table requirement

Saturday Market

  • Dogs are not encouraged in the market. Smoking is not allowed in the market COVID Precautions are in effect requiring everyone inside the market to wear masks. Vendors will come on time and can set up from 7:00 am at their pre-assigned table. NO CHANGE OF TABLE WILL BE PERMITTED ON THE DAY OF THE MARKET. They can park in front of the market entrance to unload but must move their vehicle ASAP to clear the way. Vendors must be ready to sell by 9:00 am. Vendors who are repeatedly late could face discipline from Market Director including a ban from the market.

  • Vendors must provide guests with the greatest experience at and after the market. They must strive to create a welcoming environment. They must treat everyone with respect and smile at them. Kindness is required as a bad experience with ONE vendor reflects badly on the whole market. It is ok to entice the customers with product descriptions (e.g. "Come check out my beautiful avocados") but degrading comments about things like race, physical appearance, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated